Where Health, Wealth, and Insurance converge

Converge-X is a strategy and transformation consulting boutique. We partner with senior leadership teams to capture opportunities and solve challenges at the intersection of the converging insurance, wealth management and health services sectors, and within each of these industries.

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Who We Serve

We work best in organizations that are looking for new growth avenues, operations optimization or inspiration to evolve in a different way.


Health Technology & Services Companies

Health solutions providers including diagnostics, pharma, retail pharmacy, technology and private care providers looking to grow in private payer markets (insurers, consultants, brokers, TPAs and employers).

Innovative technology and digital health companies looking for penetration, distribution and growth in Canadian and US private payer markets.


Wealth Managers

Banks and wealth managers moving to a holistic, goal-planning advisory model, building their digital advice capabilities and integrating health & wellness, including financial wellness.

Wealth managers looking to capture a share of the emerging retirement market.

Banks and wealth managers looking to accelerate their digital transformation, restructure their operations and deliver major transformation initiatives.


Life & Health Insurers

Large diversified insurers looking to drive synergies across their businesses.

Smaller insurers looking to acquire, partner and differentiate in the market.

Intermediaries—consultants, brokers and TPAs—looking to grow and diversify their services.

Insurers and intermediaries looking to accelerate their digital transformation, restructure their operations and deliver major transformation initiatives.

What We Do

Helping major insurers, wealth managers and health solutions providers define and deploy innovative growth strategies, building on our intimate knowledge and expertise in these interrelated sectors.

Strategic Thought Partnership

  • Guide clients through answering critical questions relating to strategic priorities, investment strategies, total portfolio management, competitive positioning, organizational governance, etc.

  • ‘Think Tank’ mode,  including the development of innovative ideas and concepts based on best practices and industry knowledge.

  • Working ‘behind the scenes’ in collaboration with internal teams.


Identifying health-related diversification and growth strategies for a major financial institution.

Flexible/collaborative approach, with Converge-X acting as an enabler supporting and structuring the client team

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Traditional Strategy and Operations Projects

  • Traditional strategy and operations projects involving the evaluation of markets, the development and evaluation of strategic options and the selection of strategic directions.

  • Traditional project approach, with dedicated team and client-based Steering Committee.

  • Converge-X has overall responsibility for project management and deliverables.


Developing a process and requirements governing the selection of internal vs external asset managers for bank-based wealth products.

Converge-X responsible for project management and deliverables

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Execution and Transformation Support

  • Facilitating internal alignment and execution of complex organizational initiatives.

  • Ability to effectively structure effectively multiple implementation initiatives based on in-depth understanding of the industry and its operational aspects.

  • Facilitate implementation and alignment through our facilitation and change management expertise.


Responsible for the deployment of a total new benefits administration platform for a major Group Insurer.

Converge-X responsible for project orchestration, working directly with internal teams.

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How We Work

High Leverage. High Impact.

Sector Expertise

Robust sector expertise in insurance, wealth management, and health services.

Experienced Team

A very experienced partner team, with over 25 years of experience in major consulting firms and financial institutions.

Long Track Record

Track record of managing complex corporate projects with blue chip clients, from strategic diagnosis to operational implementation.

Distinctive Model

A distinctive business model, with unmatched direct senior involvement, allowing us to focus resources on critical issues and drive results faster

Converge-X Difference

An approach that fosters client ownership of changes and accelerates implementation and impact for the organization.

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Large teams with junior staff
Generalist consultants
Clients are passive
Consultants own recommendations
Consultants get smarter. Expertise is transferred in the form of recommendations at the end of the project. Strategy and changes are understood by a select few within the organization.
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Small teams with senior partners
Industry specialists
Business results-driven
Clients are actively engaged
Organizations own recommendations
Organization gets smarter. Expertise and know-how are transferred to the organization throughout the project. Strategy and changes are owned by the organization.

The Converge-X Team

Simon Pouliot




Simon spent a decade working for multinational consulting firms before founding Converge-X to serve his clients in a more impactful way. He has partnered with senior executive teams and their boards on transformation strategies, corporate turnarounds and digital business platforms across the financial services and healthcare sectors. Simon holds a BBA in Finance from HEC Montreal and an MBA in Business Analytics
from the Wharton School. He is a mental health advocate who sits on ethics and governance committees.


Michel Bernier, PhD, ICD.D




Michel is a senior strategy consultant, entrepreneur and investor working in the Wealth, Life & Health sectors. He has held senior positions with Tier 1 international and national strategy consultancy firms. Michel has developed deep expertise working with major life and health insurance, wealth management, life sciences and health technology companies in Canada, the US and Europe. He also works as an advisor /investor with several innovative digital health companies. Michel holds a PhD in Psychology
(Industrial and organizational) from Université de Montréal.


Converge-X Insights

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